11 Things We'd Put on the Cheese Board of Our Dreams

For award-winning charcuterie (and so much more), check out Smoking Goose, a specialty shop in Indianapolis that makes some of the country’s finest cured meats.

Good luck to the food-lover who falls down the rabbit hole of the Smoking Goose website. Since 2011, this Indianapolis shop has crafted some of the country's finest cured meats, from top-quality pork, beef, elk, duck, rabbit and more.

Chris and Molly Eley at their Indianapolis shop, Smoking Goose
Courtesy of Smoking Goose

The assortment is vast, and in addition, owners Chris and Mollie Eley also offer a tantalizing online selection of top-shelf, mostly Midwest cheeses and condiments. In other words, Smoking Goose is a one-stop shop for a guaranteed-fabulous snack board. Order a curated assortment—great as a gift or for zero-effort hosting—or just poke around the site, adding scrumptious things to your cart. You really can't go wrong.

Cheese board with a variety of cheese and meat products
Carson Downing

To tempt your tastebuds, here's a guide to some of our favorite goodies, all pictured above and all available from Smoking Goose.

Smoking Goose Pig and Fig Terrine (top left) This country-style pork pate is flavored with sweet figs and cozy spices like cloves and cinnamon. Enjoy on a cracker, paired with mustard.

Herd's Pickled Red Beets (top center) Chef Demetrius Cowherd launched Herd's in 2020, with a focus on old-fashioned Midwest staples, like these petite beets.

Hungry Bird Eats Nordic Crisps (top right) These Fennel and Onion crackers are not made in the Midwest, but we'll forgive them for their New Jersey origins, because they are unbelievably delicious.

Jacobs and Brichford Tomme de Fayette (center left) This family-run dairy farm and creamery is located in southeast Indiana. This flavorful, naturally aged cheese is their version of tomme, a semi-firm cheese traditionally made in the Alps.

Spruce and Candy Salame (center) After tasting this salami, our photographer remarked, "That tastes like candy!" Little did he know, that's really in its name! The pork is seasoned with locally foraged spruce tips, beer from 18th Street Brewing, lemon peel, pink peppercorns and more, and it's perfect for a holiday charcuterie board.

Bavarian Mustard (center) Smoking Goose prepares this sweet, whole-grain mustard in-house. It's seasoned with apple cider vinegar, white onion, allspice, dark brown sugar and more.

Tulip Tree Dutch Tulip (center right, cut into triangles) Tulip Tree is an outstanding Indianapolis-based creamery. This smooth, mild cheese has a buttery texture, similar to gouda. It pairs well with spicy accompaniments.

Smoked Honeycomb (bottom left) Smoking Goose sources honeycomb locally from Hardwood Honey, then cold smokes it in-house. The smoke flavor is mild, and the comb (which is edible) is very fresh and soft. Pair with a spicy meat or a soft cheese, such as brie (or, ahem, Tulip Tree Trillium).

Potter's Crackers Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps (bottom left) Made in Madison, Wisconsin, these artisan crackers are a staple in specialty foods stores across the country. (Even Williams Sonoma carries them.) Every flavor is good, but we're particularly fond of the ones with dried fruits and nuts.

Tulip Tree Trillium (bottom center) You'll often see this ultra-rich, triple cream cheese on menus in Indianapolis. And for good reason. It's sublime with a bit of pear, apple or honey.

Dodge City Salame (bottom right) Named for Smoking Goose's first neighborhood home, this classic salami is flavored with fennel pollen, garlic, and two kinds of peppercorns.

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